MCH Group has its roots in the “Swiss Sample Fair”, which took place in Basel (Switzerland) in 1916. Today it is a leading international live marketing company.

Our wide range of products and services includes community platforms with physical and digital formats in various sectors and bespoke solutions in all areas of live marketing worldwide. We also have attractive multifunctional event infrastructures in Basel and Zurich.

MCH Group | Art Basel Hong Kong | Koenig Galerie.

Our comprehensive services for all experience marketing needs.


Despite extremely difficult general conditions, MCH Group has laid the foundations for its move towards a successful future in recent years. With the capital increases, the entry of Lupa and the renewal of the Board of Directors, the capital structure, the shareholder base and the corporate governance have been strengthened. Subsequently, the management and the Board of Directors have reviewed, confirmed and further developed the strategy. Several strategic initiatives have already been implemented and others are about to be realized.

How we orient ourselves to the future requirements of the markets and customers.


Our future lies in creative combinations of live events and digital formats, offering target groups unique physical experiences and providing content and services online throughout the year. And it also lies in holistic solutions that enable customers to make the most of the opportunities created in this way – comprehensive experience marketing solutions that extend from the strategy through to implementation, in either physical or digital form and on a regional or global basis.

Our combinations of physical and digital formats and experience marketing solutions.


We endeavour to promote sustainable behaviour in all fields and at all levels and to constantly improve our economic, environmental and social sustainability indicators. We have initiated the development of a holistic sustainability concept for the entire company group. 

Our performance and objectives in sustainability.


At the end of 2023, our group had a total of over 850 employees – roughly half of them in Switzerland and in USA.

We achieved a consolidated revenue of CHF 393.7 million in the 2023 business year. MCH Group has consistently been among the ten most successful exhibition companies in the world.

Annual Report, Financial Report, Remuneration Report and Sustainability Report.

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