We take responsibility for the environment and society.


We firmly believe that by considering the environment, society, and economy in our operations, we can significantly reduce negative impacts and enhance positive effects.

Our Approach

We incorporate sustainability criteria into our management decisions, internal processes, investments, supply chain, products and services. Our clear governance structure ensures that our processes and practices are fair and transparent.

Our Planet

We strive to reduce our impact on the planet and make a positive impact on the industry. We’ve aligned our approach with the Net Zero Carbon Events to leave a positive imprint at every event.

Our Community

We invest in our people to improve our industry’s culture and make a positive impact in the communities we live and work in.

Our Impact

We aim to leave a positive impact on the economic and political landscapes of all the locations where we operate.

Integrative Sustainability

Our business operations and organizational structure have a high economic, ecological, and social sustainability value:

Our business activities and organizational structure are oriented towards economic efficiency, environmental protection, and social responsibility, ensuring a high sustainability value.

  • Our marketing platforms and solutions connect customers and businesses, significantly contributing to their business success.
  • Our live platforms generate economic effects and provide significant benefits to numerous other industries.
  • Through public sector participation in our holding company, we secure the locational interests of the Basel and Zurich regions.

Responsibility and Transparency

With our sustainability report, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency and sustainability, optimize operational processes, reduce risks, and ensure compliance with Swiss laws.