We promote sustainable behaviour in all areas and at all levels


Corporate success requires sustainability on an economic, environmental and social level. Sustainable thinking and actions have shaped our Group’s more than 100-year history and will also determine the path we follow in the future.

Environmental sustainability

More than 80% of the overall energy requirements of the Basel and Zurich exhibition sites are met by renewable energies…

Social sustainability

We are committed to the fundamental values of a democratic state governed by the rule of law and a free market economy…

Economical sustainability

We provide a wide range of services in the value chain for experience marketing, which vary from case to case…

Our Sustainability Report 2023

With our sustainability report, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency and sustainability, optimize operational processes, reduce risks and ensure compliance with Swiss laws.

High sustainability value of business activities

Our business activities and corporate structure are highly sustainable in economic, environmental and social terms:

Connection of economic and ecological effects

  • Marketing platforms and solutions which contribute to the commercial success of numerous companies
  • Platforms with key economic and environmental benefits, as they replace many individual activities and journeys
  • Live platforms which generate major economic impacts which benefit a large number of sectors
  • Protection of interests in the Group’s locations in the Basel and Zurich regions through the participation of the public sector in the holding company and its representation on the Board of Directors

Ambitious sustainability goals

We endeavour to promote sustainable behaviour in all fields and at all levels and to constantly improve our economic, environmental and social sustainability indicators.

We wish to assume a key role in respect of sustainability in the exhibition and event sector

We have initiated the development of a holistic sustainability concept for the entire company group. In 2022, the group’s ecological footprint will first be determined in cooperation with myclimate. This will make it possible to identify hotspots where the burden on the environment can be reduced through Science Based Targets (SBT). Following this, a sustainability strategy will be defined and implemented with SchweryCade.

Sarah Borrey
Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer