MCH Group launches several new event formats in Basel

MCH Group is launching several new formats for spring 2023. During the "Sustainability Days", everything will revolve around a sustainable future for the economy, society and the environment in four parallel congress and exhibition formats. With SPRING BASEL, we're once again bringing a major public festival to our home city and the Triregio. With these new formats, MCH Group is deliberately strengthening Basel as a location.

MCH Group is convinced that live events will once again gain in importance, as the various disciplines of live marketing remain unparalleled as a means of attracting, serving, involving, and inspiring customers. In 2023, the organiser is expanding the portfolio of national events to include several new formats, thus revitalising the Basel event calendar. “We are focusing on both the development of existing formats and the creation of new ones in order to take account of the different markets and needs. With the Sustainability Days, for example, we are expanding what we started with the SmartSuisse strategy congress and now offer different, parallel formats for the individual target groups and players,” says Roman Imgrüth, Managing Director Swiss Events.

“We are focusing on both the development of existing formats and the creation of new ones”

Roman Imgrüth, Managing Director Swiss Events

In addition to the expansion of existing platforms and themes, MCH Group is launching a new public exhibition, SPRING BASEL. “With SPRING BASEL, we have reinterpreted the public exhibition format and given it a contemporary concept. Because we are convinced that Basel needs a public exhibition again that brings together the various players in the city on the one hand and promotes the regional and local economy on the other,” says Roman Imgrüth.

Florian Faber, CEO-designate of MCH Group, says: “I am delighted that we are able to present new exhibition formats for our home region of Basel today, and SPRING BASEL is a festival for the general public. Our staff have worked with impressive dedication and passion to make these projects a reality.”

Sustainability Days – platforms for the challenges of tomorrow

Urbanisation, neo-ecology and connectivity, as well as their numerous follow-on trends, pose major challenges to society and business alike. This is leading to a transformation driven by digitalisation and sustainability. As a result, more and more technologies, industries and professional fields are merging and interdisciplinary solutions are emerging.

The Sustainability Days are taking up this development and are initially presenting the four platforms SmartSuisse, Messe für Umwelttechnik MUT, the newly conceived Re’ Summit and the Future-proof Infrastucture congress. In this way, MCH Group is offering platforms so that this complex subject can be dealt with in an interdisciplinary manner and from different perspectives.

Basel gets back a public event with Spring Basel

Since the last MUBA in 2019, Basel has been lacking an event where the population can meet to experience, enjoy, and shop. SPRING BASEL is MCH Group’s new spring festival, which focuses on an unusual combination of various traditional exhibition elements with new aspects. The classic exhibition section will be carefully curated. In the Your Home and Lifestyle sections, suppliers will be presenting themselves on the themes of building and modernising, gardens, interiors, design, leisure, enjoyment and well-being. In Labs, tradition will be brought into the 21st century and topics such as new mobility, e-commerce, robotics, AR/VR, gaming, eSports, etc. will be presented. In the Market, visitors will find trouvailles of local craftsmanship and designer goods. An important integrative part of the festival is the Festival-Off, where players from culture, sports and leisure celebrate the strong ties to Basel and the region. Interested companies can now find information on how to take part at