Art Basel unveils further highlights for its 2024 edition

The 2024 edition of Art Basel will take place at Messe Basel from June 13 to 16, with Preview Days on June 11 and 12. Art Basel will feature 286 of the world’s leading galleries, including 22 first time-participants, showcasing the highest quality of works across all media, including painting, sculpture, photography, and digital artworks.

This year’s show will also present an expanded city-wide program, which will include Agnes Denes’ seminal land art work Honouring Wheatfield – A Confrontation (2024) on the Messeplatz, curated by Samuel Leuenberger.  The work will remain on the Messeplatz throughout the summer until its harvest.


Art Basel’s unique sector for large-scale projects, Unlimited will present 70 monumental installations, colossal sculptures, boundless wall paintings, comprehensive photo series, and expansive video projections. Unlimited will be curated for the fourth time by Giovanni Carmine, Director of Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen.


The reconceptualized Parcours sector, curated for the first time by Stefanie Hessler, will unfold along Clarastrasse up to the Middle Bridge, where Art Basel will activate the Hotel Merian to provide audiences with a stimulating venue for around-the-clock artistic events and showcases.

The Merian

The Merian, situated right at the Middle Bridge and across Basel’s Old Town, will host a continuous, around-the-clock program. The façade of the former Café Spitz will be taken over by When The Sun Goes Away We Paint The Sky, an artwork by Petrit Halilaj symbolizing guidance and commemorating the 30th anniversary of the partnership between UBS and Art Basel.

Night Action

Unlimited Night will return on Thursday, June 13, providing visitors the chance to experience the sector alongside special performances during extended opening hours.

Parcours Night will be hosted on Wedneday, June 12, from 8 to 11pm, offering a festive night filled with live performances and other acts along Clarastrasse and at the Merian. For the full list of artists and galleries featured and further information, visit the Art Basel website.

“Join us to celebrate community and the limitless possibilities of artistic expression along the Rhine.”

Maike Cruse, Director, Art Basel in Basel

Maike Cruse, Director of Art Basel in Basel, said: “I am particularly excited about this year’s expanded city-wide program as a testament to Basel’s cultural pulse. Our Parcours sector transforms the Clarastrasse into an exhibition, […] and the Merian will not only showcase Petrit Halilaj’s installation on the façade but will also extend Art Basel’s activation into the evening and night. Join us to celebrate community and the limitless possibilities of artistic expression along the Rhine.”