2023’s Top Sustainability Initiatives

Our four top initiatives in the Sustainability Report 2023 show how we are implementing sustainable practices in various areas of the company. Our diversity as a group is reflected in these projects. The following projects have been selected as examples from a large number of initiatives with different links to sustainability.

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1. Urban Oasis on the Exhibition Square: We collaborated with StadtKonzeptBasel and ZHAW to create an urban oasis on the exhibition grounds. This initiative aimed to enhance the local climate and create a green and liveable environment in the heart of the city. The project included planting greenery, adding seating areas, and improving the overall aesthetics of the area. Our efforts have been appreciated by the surrounding residents, and we are pleased to have contributed to the city’s sustainable development.

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2. Art for the Oceans: Art Basel has established an important partnership with Parley for the Oceans with the aim of addressing marine environmental issues. The collaborative initiative seeks to promote ocean conservation through awareness-raising campaigns, innovative art-based solutions, fundraising, and mobilizing the art community. The partnership has enabled us to engage our stakeholders and foster a deep understanding of the importance of protecting our oceans.


3. Squared Effect: Our internship program, established in collaboration with the organization HISPA, has been a fantastic opportunity to help students from underrepresented communities accelerate their careers through work experience. The program offers students the chance to work with experienced professionals and gain valuable insights into the industry. We believe that by providing equal opportunities to all, we can create a more inclusive future.

4. Culture Journey: To keep up with the evolving economic and cultural landscape, we have embarked on a transformation process since the end of 2022. This transformation is geared towards adapting to the changing times and aligning with our long-term goals. We are not only focused on achieving economic recovery, but also on fostering a cultural shift within our organization. This shift is aimed at improving our team dynamics and interactions, both within and across national borders. We firmly believe that this transformation is critical for our continued relevance and success.

Sustainable development is an ongoing journey that we approach with a deep sense of commitment. We methodically address issues, making changes where they can have the most significant positive impact on both the environment and society. While we’re pleased with the progress we’ve made in our sustainability efforts, we recognize that there is always room for improvement and that our work is far from over.

Our dedication to sustainability continues to be a top priority. We are committed to making responsible choices that affect various aspects of our business, always striving to balance our corporate activities with environmental and social responsibility.