MCH Group pleased about the approval of the Covid 19 Act

The MCH Group is pleased to note the Swiss electorate’s clear approval of the Covid 19 Act. This means that the legal basis is laid at federal level for providing financial support for major events such as trade fairs and exhibitions if an event has to be cancelled at short notice for epidemiological reasons. The so-called “protective umbrella” provides that in such a case, the federal government and the cantons are to cover a large part of the costs incurred, which contributes significantly to the necessary planning security and risk reduction for event organizers. This financial support must also be approved by the cantons. The cantonal governments of Basel-Stadt and Zurich have submitted the corresponding motions for approval and participation in the “protective umbrella” to the cantonal parliaments.

“With the adoption of the Covid 19 Act, a further important prerequisite for resuming business activities in the exhibition and event sector has been created,” says Beat Zwahlen, CEO of the MCH Group. “In view of the epidemiological situation and the Federal Council’s intended relaxation measures and financial protection umbrella, we are confident that we will be able to ramp up our business activities again from September 2021 and are working intensively on the relevant preparations. We note that with the path taken by the authorities, confidence in the market and the willingness of exhibitors to participate in exhibitions are increasing significantly.”